Shanti Niwas is a yoga collaborative with the aim of empowering people to discover the peace within themselves.


Yoga offers the opportunity to take a step back, clear your mind and reconnect with yourself and what truly matters, allowing space for creativity, joy and passion. 






We offer various styles of yoga, combining hatha, vinyasa, yin and mindfulness meditation techniques.



We are a dynamic duo from the north of the UK, both certified by a traditional yoga school in India.



We are currently based across two locations: Lisbon, Portugal and Saigon, Vietnam.


Rachel Bilski

Rachel began practising yoga in 2013, after a life-changing meditation retreat with the Brahma Kumaris. She has since combined her passions for travel and yoga, attending intensive retreats in Thailand, Cambodia, Portugal and Scotland, before completing trainings in India, Belgium and the UK. Rachel currently writes for Yogapedia and teaches in Saigon, with a holistic and therapeutic approach.


Faye Cawley

Faye first started practising yoga for its physical benefits five years ago, but it is the impact that it’s had on her life off the mat that has kept her coming back. After her training and travels in India, Faye moved to central Portugal and has been living and teaching here ever since. She offers dynamic Hatha Yoga classes for all levels, with a focus on breath and connecting with body, mind and spirit.


Rachel and Faye met 8 years ago during their time studying in London.  What began as a friendship evolved into a team with shared values on how to survive the increasingly hectic and stressful city lifestyle that so many of us lead these days.  Through yoga, they learned how to find peace within the buzz of the city and most importantly, within themselves.  After several lightbulb moments on the mat, they discovered that yoga in fact holds many of the answers for life off the mat. 


Their shared passion for travel has deepened and inspired their yoga practice over the years, thanks to the incredible teachers and practitioners they have been fortunate enough to meet at retreats and communities along the way.  No matter where they travel, the core values that make us human and connect us all are to be found everywhere.


Rachel and Faye created Shanti Niwas as a way of sharing these values through the practice of yoga; they believe that yoga really is for everyone and that the benefits of a regular practice go far beyond the physical health benefits that often attract and sometimes even put people off yoga to begin with. They take an integral approach, aiming to teach skills which can be employed both on and off the mat.