The Power of Pain


The paradoxes of this world are overwhelming. Feelings of grief, of fear, of helplessness and heartache can rapidly colour our experience with the darkest of shades, no matter how hopeful we may try to be. And yet, one of humanity’s most remarkable capacities is the power to transform pain into strength, wisdom and courage. When pain is shared, its power to transform intensifies. When tragedy unites us, compassion blooms from the rubble and we grow together.

It is important that we allow ourselves to feel and share pain in dark times. Sit with it. Fall into it. Embrace it. It is only by this process that we can move through it. Though it may not feel like it when things are falling apart, there are treasures hidden inside all adversity. All the strength and wisdom needed to move forward is concealed within that suffering, waiting to heal and help you through when you are ready. Only having experienced darkness can we appreciate all the things that shine.

Pain, in its kaleidoscope of forms, is the most powerful of teachers. It creates new perspectives and forges radical change, much like a mighty river can carve out new landscapes. While the causes of suffering are often out of our control, we can choose the way in which we perceive, endure and overcome tough times. Indeed, much of the world’s beauty is grounded in struggle; even a rainbow cannot exist without rain.

When the world faces tragedy, we must allow pain to become the source of strength that unites us. We must hold up torches of compassion and watch as their warmth drives out evil.

Fight hate with love, darkness with light and division with solidarity.